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Welcome to the Linux Laptop Wiki [Rebooted]. The aim of this website is to provide a central wiki for people to post their experiences with Linux on the model of laptop or notebook they are using. Hopefully we will generate a large database of laptops where people can come and quickly see if the laptop they are interested in works with Linux.

Remember, these are wiki pages and most of them can be directly edited by everybody. If you have any details to add to a laptop or you would like to submit a laptop to this website please feel free to edit. Also have a look at the Editing Guidelines.

NOTE: at the moment anonymous editing and creating your own account are disabled, expecting that allowing this will result in spam. Should we allow this? In the meantime send an e-mail to don [add that thing] to request an account.

Rebooting this website

This website is an attempt to 'reboot' the abandoned and spam-filled website For years I have found useful, but now it has become unusable. I tried to contact the admins, but to no avail. So instead I am copying the contents of (w/o the spam of course).

Do you love laptops and Linux? Then consider contributing, any help appreciated! Just send a message to don [add that thing]

I created this wiki in September 2017, starting to manually migrate contents from This is an ongoing process and even though well on the way, still needs a lot of work. Also, the lay-out of the wiki could be improved, as it now is just plain DocuWiki.

At the time of writing (January 2018) the website is picking up some traction, as it is found via Google Search. The website has a handful of visitors per day and a few people have requested (and received) an account to join in editing.

- Don needs your help

Do you have some spare time? Then consider helping with:

  • Copy-pasting contents from to
  • Improving the lay-out of the website to something more attractive
  • See if there are useful plugins that we could install for the wiki

For the time being creating an account is disabled for anonymous users. Instead, send an e-mail to don [add that thing] and I will create one for you.

Major Laptop Manufacturers

Installation howtos

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