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 +<vote acer-aspire-5250 check=ip>​
 +How do you rate this laptop with Linux?
 +* Excellent
 +* Good
 +* Fair
 +* Poor
 +* Unusable
 +====== Acer Aspire 5250 ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +This is a guide to running Linux with the Acer Aspire 5250 laptop.
 +This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Acer Aspire 5250. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the [[http://​​acer_aspire_5250|Acer Aspire 5250 page on LapWik]].
 +===== Editing This Page =====
 +If you would like to edit this page please first view our [[Editing Guidelines]].
 +===== Specifications =====
 +For full specifications see the [[http://​​wiki/​acer+aspire+5250|Acer Aspire 5250 specifications page]].
 +|Name|Acer Aspire 5250|
 +|Processor|AMD Dual-Core Processor E-300 (1.30GHz, 1MB L2 cache) \\ AMD Dual-Core Processor E-450 (2 x 512KB L2 cache, 1.65GHz) \\ AMD Dual-Core Processor C-50 (1.0GHz, 1MB L2 cache, 1000MHz FSB)|
 +|Screen|15.6"​ (1366x768) Widescreen|
 +|RAM|Up to 8GB|
 +|HDD|up to 500GB|
 +|Optical Drive|DVD+-RW|
 +|Graphics|ATI Radeon HD 6250 \\ ATI Radeon HD 6310 \\ ATI Radeon HD 6320|
 +|Network|10/​100 Ethernet \\ IEEE 802.11b/​g/​n|
 +===== Linux Compatibility =====
 +|Processor|Not Tested| |
 +|Screen|Not Tested| |
 +|HDD|Not Tested| |
 +|Optical Drive|Not Tested| |
 +|Graphics| works| problems when wi-fi is used Flash fullscreen works with no problems at all! (gnash) |
 +|Sound| works | Not that good with default setting|
 +|Ethernet|works| Small issues as the Eternet can make flaws in the graphics |
 +|Wireless| Problems!| works, order boot network, hdd|
 +|USB|works| |
 +|Card Reader| works | |
 +|Webcam| works| with cheese |
 +===== Notes =====
 +The linux distros tested on the Acer Aspire 5250 were the 64bit versions of Ubuntu 10.x, Ubuntu 11.x and Linux Mint 11.  The least clunky version was Ubuntu 10.4 as in behavior was fluid and the eyecandy all worked flawlessly. ​ Least favorite was the Ubuntu 11.x, it attempted to resolve hardware and was constantly pecking around for "​something",​ although the Unity interface was VERY nice on the laptop. ​ Linux Mint, is, well Linux Mint.    Mint works well if you are a Windows user switching over to Linux.
 +Overall, skipping the newer distros will help the performance. ​ Selecting a linux distro from the summer of 2011 is key because linux distribution makers tend to focus on the hardware set that is available at that time.  The C-50 takes a beating like a champ, not though to give it that beating, you'll need 4 Gigs of memory. ​ I attempted to remove a Simm just to see what would happen and it became ugly fast.
 +The ATI 6250 is a decent enough video card as well.  This laptop will run World of Warcraft under Wine without any problems with full eye candy on.  The usual gnome tweaks are required along with the vendor drivers for the video card to make this happen.
 +Wireless is a little flaky as is the case with every linux distro out there. ​ The 6250 has a BIOS update, however it is one of those live updates that requires windows 7 to patch. ​ So before wiping Windows 7 off the disk, apply the BIOS update, THEN wipe the disk then Wireless won't act all crazy.
 +Otherwise, I have settled on Ubuntu 10.x
 +===== Summary =====
 +You can enter a summary of how well the Acer Aspire 5250 works with Linux here.
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