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 +<vote Acer-Aspire-5536-and-5536G-Rating check=ip>​
 +How do you rate this laptop with Linux?
 +* Excellent
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 +====== Acer Aspire 5536 and 5536G ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit installed with no difficulties whatsoever, and pretty much everything "just worked"​.
 +This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Acer Aspire 5536. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the [[http://​​acer_aspire_5536|Acer Aspire 5536 page on LapWik]].
 +===== Editing This Page =====
 +If you would like to edit this page please first view our [[Editing Guidelines]].
 +===== Specifications =====
 +Acer UK lists at least ten configurations for Aspire 5536.  Some of them are called 5536G and others not.  It is not clear what the logic is; although it seemed at first that the 5536G configurations use Radeon HD 4570, there'​s also one 5536G with Radeon HD 3200.  The Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn configuration has "​Aspire 5536" printed near the keyboard and listed in DMI information;​ the G suffix appears only in stickers.
 +Summary specifications of one configuration from the Acer web site:
 +AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core Processor QL-64 (1MB L2 cache, 2.1GHz); 3GB (2/1) DDR2 667 SDRAM; 320GB hard drive; integrated Super-Multi drive; 5-in-1 card reader; Acer® CineCrystal 15.6" WXGA (1366 x 768) TFT display; ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 graphics; 802.11b/​g/​Draft-N WLAN, gigabit LAN, V.92 modem, webcam
 +For full specifications see the [[http://​​wiki/​acer+aspire+5536|Acer Aspire 5536 specifications page]].
 +|Name|Acer Aspire 5536|
 +|Processor|AMD Athlon™ 64 X2|
 +|Screen|15.6"​ 1366 x 768 Widescreen|
 +|RAM|2GB, 3GB, or 4GB.  Upgradeable to 8GB.|
 +|HDD|250GB, 320GB, or 500GB|
 +|Optical Drive|DVD±RW \\ or Blueray|
 +|Graphics|ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 \\ or ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570|
 +|Network|10/​100/​1000 Ethernet \\ and either Acer InviLink™ Nplify™ 802.11b/​g/​Draft-N \\ or Acer InviLink™ 802.11b/g|
 +===== Linux Compatibility =====
 +|Processor|works| **QL-64:** 64-bit tested \\ **QL-65 in Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** 64-bit tested. ​ The powernow-k8 module can drop the clock rate from 2100 MHz to 1050 MHz (only these two speeds are available), saving about 4.5 W when mostly idle or 19 W with both cores busy.  ACPI reports no support for C2 and C3 power-saving states but Linux does use the AMD-specific C1E state. ​ |
 +|Screen|works| **Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** The brightest backlight level costs about 4.5 W more than the darkest one. |
 +|HDD|works| **Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** WD Scorpio Blue 320 GB (WDC WD3200BEVT-22ZCT0). ​ When resuming from suspend-to-RAM,​ Linux 2.6.32 sometimes reports I/O errors((<​file>​[31153.992114] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Unhandled error code
 +[31153.992119] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] Result: hostbyte=DID_BAD_TARGET driverbyte=DRIVER_OK
 +[31153.992123] sd 0:0:0:0: [sda] CDB: Read(10): 28 00 1c 9d 15 4a 00 00 08 00
 +[31153.992130] end_request:​ I/O error, dev sda, sector 480056650
 +[31154.166787] end_request:​ I/O error, dev sda, sector 429836642
 +[31154.166804] Read-error on swap-device (253:​1:​4288)</​file>​));​ rebooting is then the only option.|
 +|Optical Drive|works| |
 +|Graphics|depends| **ATI Radeon™ HD 3200:** The default driver doesn'​t support desktop effects. \\ **ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570 in Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** Accelerated 3D requires binary-only firmware (RV710_cp.bin and RV710_pfp.bin),​ Linux 2.6.32, and Mesa 7.6; and some problems remain. ​ 2D graphics work even without the firmware but scrolling is then particularly slow.  Only 256 MiB of the 512 MiB graphics RAM is accessible over PCI and [[http://​​forums/​showthread.php?​t=12164|current free drivers cannot use the rest]]. ​ ''​Option "​DynamicClocks"​ "​On"''​ saves perhaps 2 watts in X11.  The ''​radeon''​ driver of Debian'​s linux-image-2.6.32-5-amd64_2.6.32-15 supports kernel modesetting on this chip and provides a framebuffer;​ the ''​radeonfb''​ driver doesn'​t. ​ As of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) beta 1, desktop effects seem to be working.|
 +|Sound|works| only basic functionality tested so far|
 +|Ethernet|works| **Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** PCI ID 14E4:1698 (Broadcom Corporation NetLink BCM5784M Gigabit Ethernet PCIe), subsystem 1025:0207, Linux driver tg3. Can boot with PXE. |
 +|Wireless|works| **802.11b/​g:​** no comment \\ **802.11b/​g/​Draft-N in Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** PCI ID 168c:002a (Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)),​ subsystem 105b:e006, driver ath9k added in Linux 2.6.27|
 +|Bluetooth|N/​A| **Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** This configuration doesn'​t have Bluetooth, even though it has a dedicated key for that. |
 +|Modem|Not Tested| |
 +|USB|works| |
 +|Card Reader|works| Only MMC (SD) and XD tested so far |
 +|ExpressCard Slot|N/A| Apparently not included in any configuration |
 +|Fingerprint Reader|N/A| May be included in some configurations |
 +|Webcam|works| **Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** USB ID 04f2:b044 (Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd. CNF7017), Linux driver uvcvideo |
 +|Touchpad|works| **Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn:​** "​Synaptics Touchpad, model: 1, fw: 7.2, id: 0x1c0b1, caps: 0xd04731/​0xa44000",​ i.e. has two buttons and reports the amount of contact and the finger width but not separately the number of fingers. ​ The Linux psmouse driver supports all of this; it is not clear whether X does too.  [[http://​​p=linux/​kernel/​git/​stable/​linux-2.6.31.y.git;​a=commit;​h=ced909ff048c9950e211783417f3c01361f3be28|Linux 2.6.31 fixes the touchpad-disable button]] not reenabling the touchpad when pressed again, but [[http://​​583864|GNOME reintroduces the problem]].|
 +===== Notes =====
 +I picked this up on sale for $400, definitely a steal at this price. Acer did a good job of choosing components that are well supported in a modern Linux distribution (I think they actually sold a variant of this model with Linux... in India).
 +===== Summary =====
 +This would be a good first laptop for someone who wants to try Linux but doesn'​t want to have to become a guru in order to get it to work.
 +Unfortunately,​ the Aspire 5536G-654G32Mn model has pretty short battery life, at least in Linux: it constantly pulls 28-30 watts when idle, the fan stays on, and the battery runs out in about 1 h 50 min.  Closing the lid and running powertop over the network shows 22.5 watts; this is obviously not a solution, but it at least gives a hint of where the power may be going.
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