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 +====== Acer Aspire 5738G ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +This is a compatibility guide to running Linux with the Acer Aspire 5738G laptop.
 +This page is just for discussing using Linux on the Acer Aspire 5738G. For a general discussion about this laptop you can visit the [[http://​​acer_aspire_5738g|Acer Aspire 5738G page on LapWik]].
 +===== Editing This Page =====
 +If you would like to edit this page please first view our [[Editing Guidelines]].
 +===== Specifications =====
 +For full specifications see the [[http://​​wiki/​acer+aspire+5738g|Acer Aspire 5738G specifications page]].
 +|Name|Acer Aspire 5738G|
 +|Processor|Intel® Core™2 Duo processor|
 +|Screen|15.6"​ 1366 x 768 Widescreen|
 +|RAM|Up to 4GB|
 +|HDD| to 500GB|
 +|Optical Drive|DVD+-RW \\ Blueray|
 +|Graphics|NVIDIA® GeForce® G105M|
 +|Network|10/​100/​1000 Ethernet \\ Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5100/5300 (dual-band quad-mode 802.11a/​b/​g/​Draft-N) \\ Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 5150/5350 Wi-Fi®/​WiMAX™ dual-mode module|
 +===== Linux Compatibility =====
 +|Processor|Works| |
 +|Screen|Works| |
 +|HDD|Works| |
 +|Optical Drive|Works| |
 +|Graphics|Works|Needs the nvidia driver, see notes|
 +|Sound|Works| |
 +|Ethernet|Works| |
 +|Wireless|Works| |
 +|Bluetooth|Works| |
 +|Modem|Not Tested| |
 +|USB|Works| |
 +|Card Reader|Works| |
 +|Fingerprint Reader|Not Tested| |
 +|Webcam|Works| |
 +===== Notes =====
 +This laptop was tested with Ubuntu 9.04 64bit.
 +==== Graphics ====
 +For the display to work correctly you will need to install the latest NVIDIA proprietary drivers. See the guides section on this site for details on achieving this on various different Linux distributions.
 +==== Touchpad ====
 +The touchpad works fine but the 5738G includes a button to temporarily switch it off. Unfortunately in Linux this isn't so temporary and requires a reboot to get it working again.
 +===== Summary =====
 +After installing the NVIDIA drivers the Acer Aspire 5738G works very well with Linux, this one is on the recommended list.
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