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 +====== Acer Extensa 3000 ======
 +Model Acer Extensa 3001WLMi_a
 +with 15.4" WXGA wide TFT LCD
 +Ubuntu 9.10 + Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (upgrade)
 +Used a machine with just 512 MB RAM installed.
 +As always be sure to turn on WLAN before or during boot-up ​
 +(e.g. using the switches on the case panel).
 +Previously installed Ubuntu 9.10 gnome 32-bit, everything worked fine, except
 +for virtualbox, the laptop is either way to slow or lacks sufficient memory for 
 +running virtualbox sufficiently fast enough.
 +3 Months later updated to ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
 +Performed update using the Ubuntu GUI:
 +Menu System ​
 +-> Administration ​
 +-> Update Manager
 +-> chose update to Ubuntu 10.04.
 +Update worked fine, UNTIL first reboot. ​
 +Then had a blank/black screen, switching to terminal using CTRL-ALT-F1 etc did not work
 +, computer frozen, magic keys ALT-SYSREQ-K and ALT-SYSREQ-R->​E->​I->​S->​U->​B without effect.
 +Same malfunction when booting from Ubuntu CD-ROM 10.04 LTS, blank screen, computer frozen.
 +Found out this is a issue with the integrated intel chipset 855GM (?) and kernel-based
 +mode settings for the new X-Windows graphics driver.
 +Detailed Info @ https://​​X/​Bugs/​Lucidi8xxFreezes
 +To be able to boot from Ubuntu CD-ROM use a different grub boot line:
 +add boot-option "​i915.modeset=1"​ after "quiet splash",​ then continue boot.
 +When booting from grub version 1, select the boot-system-entry and press "​e"​
 +to edit grub-script,​ add the above option and press CTRL-X when done to
 +continue boot with your modified grub script.
 +After being able to boot using this workaround, permamently enabled kernel based mode 
 +setting by creating file "/​etc/​modprobe.d/​i915-kms.conf"​ with the following content:
 +"​option i915 modeset=1"​
 +This could be done e.g. by the line
 +user@computer:​~$cd /​etc/​modprobe.d
 +user@computer:/​etc/​modeprobe.d$sudo echo "​option i915 modeset=1"​ | sudo tee /​etc/​modprobe.d/​i915-kms.conf
 +I used this workaround rather than editing the grub script permanently or creating ​
 +a /​etc/​X11/​xorg.conf with e.g. a vesa fixed driver.
 +If at a later time after an ubuntu update including kernel or X11 changes this issue appears
 +again, I would look at this setting again (e.g. trying turning it off or on again). ​
 +This seems to be a linux-wide (cross-distribution) issue, so after a kernel fix 
 +this workaround may have be deactivated or re-activated again.
 +Everything else (WLAN, LAN, sound (headphones and internal speakers) ​
 +works fine, without any tuning or fixing. ​
 +2010-05-28: Not quite correct: Laptop always hangs when shutting down using
 +the gnome GUI Shutdown button, this produces an ubuntu shutdown screen
 +with the 5-dots-progress-bar progressing endlessly, also ALT-SYSREQ-REISUB ​
 +does not work.
 +Just have to switch the computer off using the power-button an the casing ​
 +(press for 10 seconds).
 +Anyone got an idea how to get the shutdown working correctly ?
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