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 +====== Acer TravelMate 6292 ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +This is a guide to running Linux with the Acer TravelMate 6292 laptop.
 +This guide is intended to provide you details on how well this laptop works with Linux and which modules you need to configure. For details on how to actually install and configure the required modules have a look at [[Installation Guide|our guides]] section for distribution specific instructions.
 +===== Editing This Page =====
 +If you would like to edit this page please first view our [[Editing Guidelines]].
 +===== Specifications =====
 +| Name|Acer TravelMate 6292|
 +| Processor|Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0GHz|
 +| Screen|12.1"​ WXGA|
 +| RAM|2GB|
 +| HDD|160GB|
 +| Optical Drive|DVD+-RW|
 +| Graphics|Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100|
 +| Network|10/​100/​1000 Ethernet, Intel 4965AGN 802.11abgn Wireless, Bluetooth|
 +| Other|3 x USB2.0, 1 x Firewire, Webcam|
 +===== Linux Compatibility =====
 +| Processor|Yes| |
 +| Screen|Yes| |
 +| HDD|Yes| |
 +| Optical Drive|Yes| |
 +| Graphics|Yes|See notes below|
 +| Sound|Yes|See notes below|
 +| Ethernet|Yes| |
 +| Wireless|Yes|See notes below|
 +| Bluetooth|Yes| |
 +| 56K Modem|Not Tested| |
 +| USB|Yes| |
 +| Firewire|Not Tested| |
 +| Card Reader|Yes|See notes below|
 +| PCMCIA|Not Tested| |
 +| Camera|Yes|See notes below|
 +| Special keys|Yes| |
 +===== Notes =====
 +The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 in the TravelMate 6292 is not properly supported by most distributions. If you can only get a 1024x768 resolution or can't get the graphics to function at all it is because your Xorg version is too old. This isn't an issue with Mandriva Linux 2008, OpenSuSE 10.3 and the upcoming Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora 8.
 +The Intel 4965AGN used by the TravelMate 6292, like the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, is very new and not properly supported by most Linux distributions. Have a look at our guide below for details on how to install and configure the drivers for the 4965AGN. Just like the X3100, the 4965AGN works without extra configuration with Mandriva Linux 2008, OpenSuSE 10.3, Ubuntu 7.10 and Fedora 8.
 +The webcam is well supported by the UVC-driver http://​​ which is not in mainline yet but is included in many distributions. Note that the driver is V4L2 only, and no V4L1 support is planned.
 +The card reader chip is made by ENE which is notorious for being unsupported or buggy in Linux. Support for this particular chip was added by commit http://​​p=linux/​kernel/​git/​torvalds/​linux-2.6.git;​a=commitdiff;​h=b8352260d28b30cb2bb2df99814fb9c360e38901 to the mainline kernel, but the support is slow and I/O-errors happen with larger transfers.
 +If the sound doesn'​t work you will need to compile and install the latest development [[http://​|ALSA]] drivers, currently version 1.0.15rc3. Although not tested, I believe this wont be required with the soon to be released Ubuntu 7.10 (not sure about other distributions).
 +There is currently no support for the microphones (external or internal). The relevant alsa-bug is at https://​​alsa-bug/​view.php?​id=3609 (use the guest login link).
 +===== Summary =====
 +A recent Linux distribution is highly recommended to get full functionality from the Acer TravelMate 6292, you should aim to use a distribution that uses at least kernel 2.6.22 or greater and the latest version of Xorg.
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