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Editing Guidelines

Feel free to edit these pages however you feel fit if you have further information or corrections to add, or send an e-mail to don [at] if you don't know how to/can't be bothered editing these pages. You may also completely delete and re-create the pages if you feel you can do a better job as long as you at least cover the details already covered.

You should not place question about the laptop in the wiki itself, these should go in the comments section at the bottom of every page.

Don't be too concerned about making a mistake, this website supports rollback to previous versions of pages in the history (available to people with accounts) and somebody will come clean up your page anyway if needed.

If you like, you can leave your name as the author of the page you edited. If there isn't already an authors section, you can add one by adding the following somewhere on the page (probably best just under the title or introduction):

===== Author(s) =====
Your Name


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