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Lenovo Yoga C940 14“


Peter F. Patel-Schneider (pfpschneider at


The Lenovo Yoga C940 14” is an ultrabook 2-in-1 computer with a hinge that rotates 360 degrees. The hinge contains several speakers. The C940 has an Intel i5-1035G4 or i7-1065G7 processor and a 14“ touch-screen with either FHD or 4K resolution; 8, 12, or 16 GB of soldered memory; and an NVMe SSD with capacity 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB. There are two USB Type C ports with Thunderbolt 3, one USB 3.0 Type A port, and a 3.5mm combined headset port. There is also an active pen which is holstered in the laptop body.

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As Tested Other Options
NameLenovo Yoga C940 14“
Processor i7-1065G7 i5-1035G4
Screen14” UHD (3840×2160) touchscreen 14“ FHD touchscreen
RAM16GB (soldered) 8GB or 12GB (soldered)
HDDIntel 512GB NVMe SSD 256GB or 1TB NVMe SSD
Optical Drivenone
GraphicsIntel built-in Intel built-in
WiFiIntel AX Intel AC
Bluetooth Yes
Ethernet No
Distribution Fedora 31

Linux Compatibility

HDDYesI upgraded to a Samsung 1TB 970 EVO, which worked perfectly
GraphicsYesIntel Graphics is fully supported
SpeakersPartialTwo speakers worked. I haven't checked out how to get all the speakers to work
Microphone No There are efforts to make it work as the problem also occurs for other laptops.
Headphones Yes Mics on headphones do work
EthernetNot TestedNo built-in ethernet
WirelessYesWorks out of the box in Fedora 31, even after suspend
BluetoothYesNot tested very much so far
USBYesAll USB ports work fine
ThunderboltNot Tested
Camera Yes Tested using cheese
Active Pen Partial Works as a pen, but pressure does not appear to be working
Fingerprint reader No The fingerprint reader does not have a Linux driver
Action Keys Mostly Volume and brightness keys work or can be made to work. The ideapad_laptop produces ACPI events or key presses for most of the other keys but not all of them are hooked up to appropriate actions. Keypad light is handled by the embedded controller.
Orientation and Motion Sensor Not tested Should work. Screen rotation in response to laptop rotation may not be set up.


The Yoga C940 has two Thunderbolt 3-enabled USB Type-C ports driven by a two-port Intel Thunderbolt chip. Either of the ports can be used to charge the C940 and any third-party USB Type-C charger delivering 65W of power should be acceptable. Each port has 4 lanes of PCIe.

USB works fine on the ports, even using a Type-C to Type-A converter. The ports can be used to drive DisplayPort displays using a USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter.

Upgrading the SSD is easy, except that a rubber foot has to be taken off. The foot is glued down but also has catches to hold it, so it can be re-installed without having to re-glue it.


This was the easiest IdeaPad install I have done for quite some time, as I did not have to blacklist or patch the ideapad_laptop kernel module to get WiFi to work.

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