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Submit a Laptop

If you are running Linux on a laptop not already on this website we encourage you to submit your laptop here. There are two methods of submitting your laptop, via e-mail or create the page yourself.

Method 1 - Submit a laptop via e-mail

The easiest method of submitting a laptop is simply by sending the details via e-mail to don [and that @ sign] When submitting your laptop please provide as much of the details below as possible.

Your name and if you would like us to publish it on the website. Your e-mail address and if you would like us to publish it on the website.

The model of laptop and part number. The specifications of the laptop, such as the processor, screen size, ram, hdd, optical drive, graphics chip, networking options, usb, firewire and misc hardware.

The distribution of Linux you tested.

The Linux compatibility of the components in the laptop. Please specify if it works, doesn't work or you haven't tested it. You should provide details for at least the following where applicable: Processor Screen Optical Drive Graphics Sound Ethernet Wireless Bluetooth 56K Modem USB Firewire PCMCIA

Please provide any details of anything that you needed to do to get the laptop or its components working under Linux. Typical details to include is anything you needed to do to get Linux installed, to get certain hardware on the laptop working and/or to get the Linux installation stable. Also include any details on non-working hardware if possible. If everything worked with just the standard install of your Linux distribution of choice please just state that no extra configuration was needed.

Your overall conclusion of this laptop.

After you submit your laptop we will then publish the details as soon as we can.

Method 2 - Create a page yourself

To submit your laptop you may also like to create the page yourself. This way you can provide the details exactly how you want it. Before creating a new page you should first check to see if your laptop is already included in our list and if so edit that page instead.

First, if you haven't done so already, you can register to create and edit pages here. To register click on the register link on the left of this page. While not required, registering will open up extra wiki options for you to use and will also provide the ability for you to be notified when a wiki pages is edited.

Next move to the laptop page. If your laptop manufacturer is already on this list then click on the link. Otherwise you can edit this page, add your manufacturer to the list and save. You should now see your manufacturer listed in red, click on this.

Edit this page, add your laptop to the page and click save. Please make sure you insert the laptop in a way to maintain the alphabetical order of the list. You should now see your laptop in red, click on this.

Now copy and paste the below template into the edit box. While you do not have to use this template, for consistency throughout this website we highly recommend that you do. You should at least use its layout style.

You can now edit the details in the template to suit your laptop. Feel free to add or remove sections of the template for your laptop.

After you are done you can preview your work and click save to submit the page to the website.

Copy and paste the template below

====== Laptop Name ======
===== Author(s) =====
Your Name (name at
===== Introduction =====
Enter a introduction about your laptop here.
===== Editing This Page =====
If you would like to edit this page please first view our [[Editing Guidelines]].
===== Specifications =====
| Name|Your Laptop Name|
| Processor|Your Processor|
| Screen|Your screen size and resolution|
| RAM|Your RAM size|
| HDD|Your HDD size|
| Optical Drive|Your Optical Drive|
| Graphics|Your Graphics chip|
| Network|Your network connections (Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth)|
===== Linux Compatibility =====
| Processor|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Screen|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| HDD|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Optical Drive|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Graphics|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Sound|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Ethernet|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Wireless|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Bluetooth|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| 56K Modem|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| USB|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Firewire|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Card Reader|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| ExpressCard Slot|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
| Camera|Yes/No/Partial/Not Tested|Comments|
===== Notes =====
Enter any notes you have about your laptop here.
===== Summary =====
Enter a summary of your success with Linux on your laptop here.


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