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 +====== Thinkpad battery management ======
 +Most Thinkpad models since 2012 or so support management of the battery charging system via software. Most wear of Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries is due to charging at battery levels above 80%. (More reading: [[https://​​hc/​en-us/​articles/​210224725-Charging-research-and-methodology|AccuBattery documentation]].) Batteries will last many more charging cycles if you charge only up to 80% rather than up to 100%.
 +TLP is a toolkit that can handle power saving, including support for Thinkpad-specific battery management. More info: [[https://​​en/​tlp/​docs/​tlp-linux-advanced-power-management.html|TLP website]].
 +The following steps worked on a Thinkpad E490 (2019 model) with Mint 19.1 (based on Ubuntu 18.04), with kernel 4.15.0-48.
 +  apt install tlp git wget
 +  wget https://​​teleshoes/​tpacpi-bat/​archive/​
 +  unzip -d /tmp && cd /​tmp/​tpacpi-bat-master && ./​ && cd -
 +  cp /​tmp/​tpacpi-bat-master/​tpacpi-bat /​usr/​local/​bin
 +  ​
 +  tpacpi-bat -s start 1 75
 +  tpacpi-bat -s stop  1 80
 +  ​
 +The two tpacpi-bat commands need to be executed at reboot; you can create /​etc/​rc.local (permission 755) for that purpose. ​
 +You can see the battery status (and other power management details) using ''​tlp-stat''​.
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